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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by GreatGets


Pop Culture Influences Style | The Iconic “Roseanne” Chicken T-Shirt

Retro chicken shirt like the one worn on Roseanne

Retro chicken shirt like the one worn on Roseanne available on Zazzle

Happy 25th Anniversary, ‘Roseanne’! According to Yahoo TV it was on Oct. 18, 1988, 25 years ago, that “Roseanne” debuted, introducing viewers to the most relatable working-class family since the Kramdens and the Nortons tried to eke out a city living in “The Honeymooners. One of the most interesting tidbits divulged in this tribute to “Roseanne” was the fact that at some time during the series  nine season run,  most members of the cast sported a chicken t-shirt very similar to the one featured here.  It turns out that not only is the symbolism of the shirt one of the topics Roseanne Barr is asked about most often, in some circles it has become an icon for for what is sometimes called the “Pretty Ugly” movement.  According to Barr “The chicken shirt, it was just the ugliest shirt I ever saw, and we had this bet between us, the actors,” she said. “If you show something really bad on TV, it takes off. It was like another rebellious artistic statement, that it looks like art when it’s on TV.”

In more recent years, we have seen ugly headbands become the all the rage among teen girls after Blair Waldorf wore them on “Gossip Girl”.  “Ugly Betty” popularized geek chic’s heavy glasses, slim pants and mismatching colors and prints and in our opinion, way too many kids are embracing the Goth look immortalized in the surfeit of big screen and little screen vampire projects.  On the other hand, fashion has benefitted from vintage styles popularized in “Mad Men” and even to a lesser extent by Rachel and Emma on “Glee”.  Although ModCloth has been able to capitalize on this trend, it was just a few years ago any adult caught sporting a pink cupcake dress might have received more than one sideways glance. Today retro vintage style quirky fashion is celebrated.

You can watch full episodes of  “Roseanne” on TV Land.

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Pop Culture Influences Style | The Iconic “Roseanne” Chicken T-Shirt GreatGets

Summary: Today's Great Get - The Iconic "Roseanne" Chicken T-Shirt! It's way cooler now than it was 25 years ago.


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