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The KUTSON Mattress

We definitely had no intention of entering the murky world of mattress reviews. We, like you, have heard all the mattress in a box horror stories and various GETS have actually gagged at the odor emanating from one of those very mattresses highly touted on all the mattress review sites. The smell can be truly disgusting. And the comfort level of the mattresses reviewed are often meme worthy.

We hesitated to recommend any mattress company until we spent an hour listening and questioning the co-founder of KUTSON. He convinced us that not only is KUTSON a trustworthy company seriously dedicated to providing their customers with the best mattress available anywhere, their product is worthy of our much sought after, and very elusive, Dare to be Great Award!  **FTC Disclosure Statement :: This post contains affiliate links.This means we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. Having said that, rest assured, you never pay more by clicking on our links. And most importantly, Great Gets only recommends products & companies we <3 & trust!

The KUTSON Mattress >> Winner of the “Dare to Be Great” Award

So here is the story. KUTSON mattresses do not smell bad! If there is any smell at all, it is more like any new piece of furniture or the odor of a new car. Pleasant smells. No gag-worthy, allergy inducing odors here. What we have been told is that most of the smelly mattresses are either shipped from overseas and have sat on boats for months at a time or are made with lots and lots of glue that to say it bluntly simply stinks.

No Smell

The KUTSON Mattress (in just 2 sentences)

Next, with that pesky issue out of the way, we began to focus on what makes KUTSON mattresses so special. Succinctly, it is the only mattress-in-a-box brand that offers dual-side customization and at-home modification capabilities to meet the comfort preference of every sleeper. The KUTSON mattress has a patent-pending modular design with full perimeter edge support, configurable layers and a temperature regulating comfort layer.

The Top 6 Reasons to Choose The KUTSON Mattress

  1. All KUTSON mattresses are 100% Manufactured in the USA.
  2. The founders are experienced industry professionals not marketers.
  3. Your mattress is fully customizable and can easily be changed as your sleeping preferences change.
  4. Free 100 night trial (although you won’t need it)
  5. Free Shipping
  6. 10 Year Warranty


Dual-Side Customization & At-Home Modification

This is the real reason we love KUTSON. The KUTSON mattress has nine different levels of firmness, from “softest soft” to “firmest firm” with seven levels in between. Mix and match any two of the soft, medium and firm layers any way you like. Every mattress is customizable at home, at any time throughout the life of the mattress, so you can create your perfect comfort level. Just unzip the cover and swap layers until you find the firmness that is just right for your body, sleep style, comfort needs and personal preferences.

If you are sleeping with a partner who prefers a different comfort level – the other side of the bed is customizable, too. Each KUTSON mattress comes with soft, medium and firm layers. Sizes Queen, King and California King come with two sets of layers. If you cannot make a perfect combination with the included layers, just call KUTSON and they will send another layer at no charge!

And one more thing >> each mattress comes with an easy to read guide with suggestions on how to best configure your layers based on general sleeping preferences. This way it is not necessary to randomly guess at what configuration might work. On the other hand you may think you like a medium soft bed but once you lay on it you realize you actually sleep better on a slightly firmer mattress. No problem, just switch the layers until you find your perfect combination.

Ease of Set-up

We also asked how difficult is it to actually move layers around to achieve the various levels of firmness. We had read the KUTSON mattress as a whole is slightly heavier than the typical mattress in a box because the materials used to make the KUTSON are of higher quality. But the company assured us that even a six year old can move the layers within the mattress.

So that got us to thinking … if the box itself is too heavy for you to drag from your front door to the bedroom, you can aways open it and then move the individual layers separately. Also,  we have heard horror stories of mattresses inflating the minute you open the box and then being too big and unwieldy to move into the desired room. This will not happen with your KUTSON. Yes, the mattress expands but it is more of a gradual process not a crazy explosion of expansion.

Temperature Control & Motion Transfer

Sleeping Temperature - Just Right

Cartoon courtesy of TastefullyOffensive 

As some of the GETS have aged, we find ourselves more concerned about temperature control and motion transfer issues. KUTSON assures us that the top layer of their mattress is made of a unique cool-gel infused phase change foam that is engineered to dissipate body heat and moisture and counteract heat fluctuations in order to maintain optimal body temperatures all night long. AND there is very minimal motion transfer so you will not be awaken from a sound sleep every time your partner rolls over.

Bed Frames

Kutson Compatible with Most Bed Frames

The KUTSON mattress works best when set up on any flat, firm surface. Use your existing foundation as long as it is not damaged or bowed. Coiled box springs, platform foundations, wooden slats, even the floor, will all work great as long as they are firm, strong, and flat. The mattress even works with an adjustable bed!

KUTSON Pricing

KUTSON bases their pricing on a formula that includes quality materials and allows them to treat their employees and customers right. The results is a high-quality, honest product at a fair price. Click here to view pricing. Be sure to take advantage of these limited time coupon codes.

25% Off Entire Order. Use Code KUTSON25

$150 Off Entire Order. Use code KUTSON150

After doing the math, we cannot imagine why you would choose to use anything but the 25% OFF offer but if you figure it out, please let us know! Even on the lowest priced twin mattress you save over $172 dollars using code KUTSON25 and on the king mattresses you save almost $300. Now that’s a great get if we ever saw one!

In Summary

The KUTSON Mattress

Once again, we want to officially congratulate KUTSON on being our latest recipient of our Dare to Be Great Award. They have managed achieve a remarkable hat trick.

  1. KUTSON Mattress built a product that is better than the rest
  2. At an affordable, fair price
  3. With an internal team of top notch professionals willing to go the extra mile for their customers and employees.

Dare to be great!

The KUTSON Mattress GreatGets

Summary: Finally, a mattress in a box we can recommend. The KUTSON Mattress allows for dual-side customization, at-home modification & sleeps cool with minimal motion transfer! Now that's a GREAT GET!


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