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Ditch Your Laces! The Best Solution for Untied Shoelaces

Ditch your shoe laces - order Hickies

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Sorry we have not been posting much lately but truthfully, we have not been finding very many products or ideas that meet our criteria for a great get. Today, however, when Randy introduced us to HICKIES® we had to share! For whatever reason, the Gets shoelaces are always coming untied. Even when we double and triple knot them, we are constantly tripping over our shoelaces. This shoelace issue has actually gone from slightly annoying to down right risky.

Ditch Your Laces! The Best Solution for Untied Shoelaces

So what are HICKIES®? We think the HICKIES® Lacing System might be the best solution for untied shoelaces ever invented. Hickies plastic ties are used to replace shoelaces in any shoes with eyelets. So ditch your laces and try the lacing system revolutionizing the sneaker game!

Ditch your shoelaces


The HICKIES® Lacing System connects each pair of eyelets separately. This allows you to customize your fit with different tension levels for different parts of your shoe. Be sure to watch the featured videos to see exactly how easy it is to lace your shoes and adjust the tension depending on your needs.

Customizable shoe lacing system

Each pack of HICKIES® comes with 14 straps (10 straps for kids shoes), which should be plenty for 1 pair of shoes. And we did get a kick out of the asterisk reminding us that *Shoes sold separately. 

A Kids Life Without Laces

Our bottom line >> HICKIES® Lacing System transforms your shoes from tie-ups to slip-ons. #LifeWithoutLaces = LifeChanging.

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