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Published on September 8th, 2014 | by GreatGets


Today’s Great Get – Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale !

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Today’s Great Get – Flirty Aprons’ Soaking Up Summer Sale! Flirty Aprons is showcasing 3 fabulous aprons for the next couple days at 50% off. Be sure to order your apron before it is too late or the aprons run out of stock at this Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale .

We always love Flirty Apron’s Very Cherry Apron. It is not only great for summer but is cute all year long.  This new and adorable Green Goddess Apron has both a gardening and holiday vibe.  We also adore this new Rooster Apron and absolutely love the fact that this particular apron has pockets! Wouldn’t it be perfect to wear for Thanksgiving? The Flirty Aprons 50 OFF brings the cost of all three of these aprons below $20.00 which makes them today’s great get! Think Gifts – birthday presents, holiday gifts, teacher and housewarming gifts.  Add a plate full of home baked cookies and tie together with a pretty ribbon!

Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale

  Women's Apron Original Rooster Apron, Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale, Thanksgiving Apron

 Soaking up the last bit of Summer.  Save 50% off these 3 fabulous aprons with code FAREWELL50 (thru 9/10/14).

About the Aprons

Women’s Flirty Aprons are 100% cotton allowing for comfort and flexibility. These durable, double-layered aprons were designed with the real woman in mind. The long, thick waist ties allow women to adjust the tie length to create the perfect fit. Flirty Aprons offers a 30 day guarantee with most aprons guaranteed to ship within 1 business day.

So take advantage of Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale today! Be sure to use promo code FAREWELL50 (offer expires 9.10.14)

Dare to be great!

Today’s Great Get – Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale ! GreatGets

Summary: Today's Great Get - Flirty Aprons 50 OFF Sale! Save 50% on Very Cherry Aprons, Green Goddess Aprons and this perfect for Thanksgiving, Rooster Apron. Get Promo Code!


50% OFF Aprons!

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