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This Year’s BEST Holiday Gift! Capture & Share Your World Views

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Last weekend Matt & I were catching up on our 60 Minutes viewing.  As usual I was multi-tasking but one story grabbed my attention enough to stop and really watch. It was a story about GoPro cameras. All I could think was this camera will be the must have gift this holiday season.  My nephew Aaron, the techie, would be in seventh heaven being able to record his scuba expeditions, his extreme hikes, and even his daily routines.  Likewise, I can already envision Sami & Izzy filming their equestrian hunter jumper courses and what an amazing video Katie could make as she swings from the uneven parallel bars.  Mount a GoPro on your puppy’s collar and watch your life from his perspective.  Oh – so many options and so little time to do it all.  You have to watch this GoPro YouTube video and then all the other recommended GoPro videos.  How about the Lion Hug caught with the GoPro!

GoProHERO3+, camera, best holiday gift, Christmas present

There are so many different ways to mount your GoPro depending on how you live your life and what activity you are engaged in.  Mount it to a headstrap, a chest harness, a flex clip, a helmet, and even your wrist.

We love this product so much we have decided to award it our much coveted Dare to Be Great Award! Congratulations, GoPro.

Dare to be Great!


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