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Published on January 21st, 2017 | by GreatGets


Finally, An Easy to Use Home Appliance Fix-It Resource!

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We hate to admit this but it has probably been close to three years that the change water filter and change air filter lights on our LG refrigerator have been lit. Plus the left crisper draw broke about a year ago. And yes we would have loved make the repairs but really had no idea what to do. Our handyman, Sam, said to just go to the store and buy the parts. Well, obviously but we are the least handy Gets in the family. Neither Matt nor I had any idea of where to begin to find what parts we needed.

In stepped Greg, and his abundant knowledge of Sears Parts Direct and suddenly we had an easy home appliance fix-it resource. Not only could we find which parts we needed, Sears Parts Direct has a great library of owners manuals and How2 repair guides. We are so excited about great find!

Finally, An Easy to Use Home Appliance Fix-It Resource!

Sears Parts Direct  makes ordering appliance parts from the comfort of your own home so so easy! Basically all we needed to do was open the door of our refrigerator. Take a cell phone picture of the model number and key it into the easy to use Sears Parts Direct replacement parts finder on their home page.

     Sears Parts Direct Replacement Parts Finder Tool, home appliance fix-it resource

Home Appliance Fix-It Resource >> Sears Parts Direct Replacement Parts Finder Tool

Find Replacement Parts for Any Home Appliance!

Once our refrigerator popped up we simply ordered the recommended water filter, air filter and while we were there, even ordered a replacement for that broken crisper drawer. Our refrigerator parts are set to arrive within the week. And we expect the installation to go as smoothly as the ordering did. But if we do run into any challenges, we will definitely let you know.

Dare to be great!

Finally, An Easy to Use Home Appliance Fix-It Resource! GreatGets

Summary: Looking to replace your refrigerator air or water filter or even replace a broken drawer? Check out this easy to use home appliance fix-it resource! Just key in your model number and your part can be delivered right to your door in less than a week!


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