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Back to School Money Saving Tip – Rent College Textbooks!

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Izzy goes back to school on Wednesday. Katie & Sami check in to their freshman dorm a week later. The difference between these freshmen and my junior is that Izzy will spend at least 50% less on her college text books and free up a couple of hours to spend with friends because she will not need to deal with the hassle of the campus bookstore. Instead Izzy has learned through experience that she can rent college textbooks to save her lots of money and it is a far superior alternative to buying her books.  Izzy along with well over 1 million other students at over 5,500 college campuses across the nation rent college textbooks from Amazon Textbooks. Doing so can save 50-90% on their textbooks. Renting textbooks makes sense plain and simple.

Rent College Textbooks!

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Initially, Izzy was a bit skeptical.  She was worried that the books might not be the same as in her bookstore or that she would not be able to write in or highlight the books but after reading the faqs and asking around she discovered these were spurious fears. She also learned that should she decide she wanted to keep a particular book after finishing a class, she could handle it all online, paying the difference between what she already paid to rent the book, and the value of the book at the time she initially rented.

And best of all Amazon Textbooks makes it easy to return books if she drops her class, orders the wrong book, or just plain changes her mind. She doesn’t even pay for shipping so she can plan ahead and order her textbooks early without worrying that her schedule isn’t entirely finalized.

Returning books is just as easy as ordering them. Every time Izzy decides to rent college textbooks from Amazon, she just prints out her return label. When she is finished with her books, she simply places them inside the envelope they arrived in  and drops the package off at the nearest USPS drop box or Post Office. Pretty cool.

So Katie and Sami, if you are reading this – even if you won’t listen to your aunt, heed the practical advice of your cousin.  There truly is no point in buying your textbooks this semester. Instead rent them from Amazon Textbooks and save money and time.  One last tip – always check the top of their home pages for advertised discount codes.  Quite often you can save even more if you take advantage of these promo codes!

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