Food Christmas Pez Make Great Gift Ornaments & Fun Stocking Stuffers

Published on November 1st, 2013 | by GreatGets


Christmas Pez Dispensers

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OMG!  We are obsessed – how cute are these retro  Christmas Pez Dispensers!  We first discovered them via email from our partners over at eAccountable but like most of the the hundreds of emails that cross our desk every day, we start out skeptical and have to be sold on a product before we recommend it. This was a no brainer.  We are definitely adding a pez dispenser to each and every one of our holiday presents and Christmas stockings this year.  We will tie one of these adorable Christmas characters to each package with ribbon that matches these fabulous coordinating chevron red & green Christmas holiday bags and boxes.  We must confess, we went about choosing our Christmas gift wrap in the exact opposite way we usually approach our gift wrap decision –  we actually matched the bags and the stockings to the pez dispensers.  Admittedly, we love both the stockings and the bags, but even we have to admit this year’s process was a bit, shall we say, unusual.  On the other hand, we always advise our readers that if they fall in love with any product, to listen to their gut and go for it. So for once, we took our own advice.

Although these Christmas character pez dispensers are sold individually, we think it makes way more sense for us to stock up on the bulk boxes of 6.  Between teachers, service providers, nieces, nephews, grandparents, aunts & uncles, our own children, secret Santa and grab bag obligations, business associates, and friends and neighbors, we will need at least 10 boxes which will make the order eligible for Old Time Candy’s Save 15% on All Orders of $50 or More Now through Dec. 2nd with promo code: holiday2013.

Don’t forget to enter November’s promo code for orders over $50.00 – holiday2013

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Christmas Pez Dispensers GreatGets

Summary: How cute are these Christmas Pez Dispensers! Tie them to your wrapped holiday gifts and throw them in as playful stocking stuffers. Enjoy the smiles!


Holiday Smiles!

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