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Published on November 2nd, 2013 | by GreatGets


Beat the Flu This Season | Stock Up on Homeopathic Remedies

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This has been quite the month of travel.  In early October we jetted off to Paris.  Last week I was in Denver for ThinkTank and next week Matt flies east for business meetings.  Thank goodness we are staying home for Thanksgiving but most of our guest are flying in to San Diego.  So far we have been fortunate (knock on wood) not to have  caught anything  on our flu fraught flights (like that alliteration?) but I am a bit worried that our house guests might bring us some unwanted visitors.

So here is my question – do you believe  homeopathic remedies can stave off and / or lessen cold and flu symptoms?  We understand your opinion is simply that and you will not have empirical evidence to back it up, but anecdotal evidence is perfectly ok with us for this exercise.  We also want to make it 100% clear, we are not considering homeopathic remedies as an alternative to the flu shot, but more as an add-on.  What started me thinking is that someone posted on the ThinkTank FB page that he was starting his pre-travel daily dose of Emergen-C and then today I noticed readers stocking up on Boiron Oscillococcinum and Echinacea on Amazon to take advantage of the big savings and free shipping with an  Amazon Prime 30-day Free Trial.  Reading the Amazon reviews, the vast majority of reviewers swear by these products although a few warn buyers that these supposed remedies are nothing more than sugar pills.

Beat the Flu This Season - Stock Your Medicine Cabinet with Oscillococcinum Echinacea     Emergen-C

Leave us a comment and tell us whether you think these little orange boxes and bottles will boost our immune system and help us stay healthy even when flying this holiday season. And remember, washing your hands and getting your flu shot are two proven ways to stay healthy!

Dare to be Great!

Beat the Flu This Season | Stock Up on Homeopathic Remedies GreatGets

Summary: Avoid getting sick on flu fraught flights - wash your hands, get the flu shot, and consider stocking up on homeopathic supplements like Emergen-C, Oscillococcinum, and Echinacea this holiday season.


Stay Healthy!

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