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Best Gifts for Horse Lovers | Canvas Horse Portraits

Canvas Horse Portrait

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Best Equestrian Gift | Canvas Horse Portraits

Girls not only love their ponies, they love looking at photos of their horses and pictures of themselves riding their horses.  All the gals at Brooktree spend hours taking professional quality photographs of one another’s horses and carefully editing them.

The finished products are inevitably posted on Instagram.  Now you can take those fabulous photos and create a CanvasPop straight from Instagram.  Literally with less than 10 clicks you can order a wonderful memory to hang in a bedroom, over the couch, or even at the barn.

This custom wall art really is the perfect equestrian gift.  Think birthday presents, holidays, graduation, thank you or just because gifts.  A whole wall of these canvases would also make an enviable show set-up. Create photo grid of all the barn’s horses along the back wall. Use the original colors or choose between black and white or sepia toned.  When not at a show hang them in the barn office.

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