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Published on August 29th, 2013 | by GreatGets


Lobster Bake | Seafood Gifts | Celebration Dinner

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30 years ago, Matt asked me to marry him over dinner at the iconic Anthony’s Pier 4 restaurant in Boston.  Not surprising to anybody who knows Matt even slightly, he still reminisces about our lobster feast followed by the chocolate soufflé and the hovering server disrupting his well rehearsed proposal.  From my perspective, I hardly remember the food and never even noticed the waitress. So this year in honor of our 29th anniversary celebration and Labor Day weekend I have decided to surprise the family and try to recreate the engagement dinner as closely as possible and have decided to buy the entire dinner from LobsterAnywhere.com.

Why LobsterAnywhere.com?

Keith and Kathleen, our close friends from law school now living in Maine, highly recommended this company when we visited them last year in Portland. LobsterAnywhere.com is their go to merchant when sending gifts to non-locals, whether it be Kathleen’s family in Atlanta or her clients in Minnesota.   And if anyone knows his lobster, it is Keith. Keith grew up in the business – his family started the  famous Maine fish shack known for its lobster rolls!  We can’t ask for a better recommendation than that. Plus, we were double sold after reading the testimonials on the site –  words like “out of this world” , “the absolutely BEST”, and “Superb” jump off the page.

My Labor Day / Anniversary Lobster Bake Menu

Bacon Wrapped Scallops   Lobster Bisque   Maine Attraction Lobster Package   Woopie Pie

Appetizers: Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops | Soup: Lobster Bisque | The Main Event: Maine Lobsters | Dessert: Whoopie Pie ( a classic Maine dessert in lieu of the chocolate soufflé) | Beverage: Champagne

Upon researching this article, much to my dismay I learned that this landmark Pier 4 restaurant closed its doors to the public just this month. I often wonder how many other young starry eyed couples got engaged while enjoying the gorgeous views and the fabulous food.  If you have your own romance at Pier 4 story, please leave a comment – we would love to hear your story.

Dare to be great!

Lobster Bake | Seafood Gifts | Celebration Dinner GreatGets

Summary: Are you celebrating a special occasion? Think Lobster Bake! Have all the ingredients for this fabulous meal delivered right to your home. Perfect for an anniversary celebratory dinner or an end of summer Labor Day party.



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