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Welcome to the World the Royal Baby the Prince of Cambridge

A Warm Welcome to Royal Baby Prince

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We would like to be among the first of many to extend our congratulations to the British Royal Family as they welcome a new baby prince.  And we have to hand it to PartyIdeaPros visitor poll who once again called it correctly and predicted that the Duchess of Cambridge would give birth to a healthy baby boy.  Ok, we are almost relieved that the lovely couple did not have a baby girl for her sake – her ascension to the throne would have been historic so the media coverage would have been even more relentless than it is already sure to be.  We truly hope for that the world press will allow this child to grow up with at least a modicum of privacy.  All families, parents and children are sure to make mistakes and it would be a shame if every misstep were broadcast to the world.  So please, if any of you are reading – please, please put away your cell phones and let this child experience joy and sadness, success and failure on his own terms giving him the time and space to learn from his mistakes and to learn to not take his successes too seriously either.

The prince needs to grow up without pretensions so we think it is particularly amusing that we put together these princely idea boards featuring best gets for the little prince  – one for right now and one already anticipating his first birthday party.  Although adorable for us commoners, we sincerely hope his folks do not take our suggestions seriously.   🙂

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