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Singing Toothbrushes Make Brushing Fun!

One Direction Singing Toothbrush

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How many times do you have to remind your children to brush their teeth everyday?  I distinctly remember my son’s 3rd grade teacher devoting an entire morning to hygiene.  The stench in the classroom was getting so bad she had to control her gag reflex.  Little boys and yes, even little girls sometimes “forget” even the most basic wash and brush routines. For generations, parents have been trying to come up with fun ways to entice their kids to not only brush but to spend the full 2 minutes brushing that dentists and hygienists  recommend.

Singing Toothbrushes Make Brushing Fun!

So when I came across Brush Buddies, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I can just imagine little ones brushing and bopping around the bathroom to the sounds of  One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful & One Thing.  (Click links to listen!) One Direction not your child’s thing?  Buddy Brushes  also carries Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Singing Toothbrushes

Singing Toothbrushes

OOPS ! – Well, I just tried to order the One Direction toothbrush for my niece and it turns out they are not available for delivery to North America.  What’s with that?  There is most likely some kind of licensing snafu.  I went ahead and tried the other product lines and it seems that only the One Direction toothbrushes have restricted delivery zones.  Oh well, I guess Dani is going to have to bop out to Justin Bieber instead of Harry Styles until Buddy Brushes can get their legal ducks in a row.

I can also picture these toothbrushes as great holiday party stocking stuffer, grab bag or gag gifts.  The only thing more funny than watching a child dancing around brushing his or her teeth with a singing toothbrush is a middle aged man doing the same.  🙂  I call this a definite health-2fer –> hygiene and exercise wrapped together in one product.

Dare to be great!

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