Incredibly Creepy Face Shield Halloween Masks & Costumes!

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You know we cannot resist anything and everything Halloween. And yes, we know it is a bit early to start planning your Halloween costume but these Face Shields with coordinating creepy clown costumes and Pennywise sweatshirts and t-shirts from Hot Topic’s exclusive Chapter Two Collection make for an on trend, budget friendly, extremely scary Halloween costume. If you like, you can even outfit the whole family, including your children and your dog in these menacing face shield Halloween masks. OOOOOOH.

Lightweight, Breathable & Incredibly Creepy Face Shield Halloween Masks!

Over the last few years, we have been on the lookout for the creepiest clown costumes and masks we can find. This year we may have tipped the scales, even knocking PartyIdeaPros off their high perch for the best collection of the Scariest Clown Costumes. Not only are these face shield clown masks downright terrifying, they are lightweight, breathable and will actually form fit to your face. Add dark glasses and we promise, you will look truly frightening!

Face Shield Clown MasksIncredibly Creepy Breathable Face Shield Clown Masks

Incredibly Creepy Breathable Clown Masks

Now add a creepy clown dress.

Creepy Clown Costumes

Creepy Clown Dress | Plus Size Creepy Clown Dress

Or creepier yet, add a t-shirt or sweatshirt so it looks like you are not trying so hard – as if it is your everyday street wear. Plus you actually can wear it all year long (or not).

Creepy Clown T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

Clown Tops | Pennywise Clown Tops

You can even add leggings or really creep people out by wearing a mask, tank top, and boxer shorts with crew socks.

Pennywise Creepy Clown Bottoms

Hot Topic’s exclusive Chapter Two Collection

Just one more thought >> these creepy clown outfits can just as easily pair with any of the skull masks and other creepy face shields.

Face Shield Skull Masks

And if you are into skulls, you must check out these multi-use skull face shields. Again, they are breathable and lightweight! You might consider pairing these face shields with a skeleton costume. We highly recommend  replacing the plastic masks that come with some of the store-bought bone/skeleton costumes with one of the recommended and equally frightening face shields. You will not only look better, spending the extra few dollars is so worth the investment to feel exponentially more comfortable throughout the evening!

Lightweight Breathable Incredibly Creepy Face Shield Skull Masks

Lightweight Breathable Incredibly Creepy Skull Masks

We even found some pretty great, not your run of the mill costume store skeleton outfits on Hot Topic that will elevate your look from merely creepy to frighteningly cute!

Skeleton Clothes

Skeleton Clothes

Face Shields as Group Costumes

This next group of masks definitely fall into the shuddersome category. Not only will your costume scare the dickens out of everyone who sees you, this might be the simplest, most comfortable costume you have ever worn. Simplify by wearing head to toe black. These masks also make fabulous budget friendly group costumes. If you and your buddies all wear black (including sunglasses) and choose different face shields, we promise there will not be another group roaming the streets who will be more terrifying. It makes our skin crawl just posting these images let alone imagining running into a group of grown men all wearing these masks. Save a bit of money and purchase the Skull 5 Pack for just $75 (which is just $15 each!)

Lightweight, Breathable Extremely Creepy Face Shield Masks

Lightweight, Breathable Extremely Creepy Face Shield Masks

Creepy Masks Especially for Women

Although we have added a few women’s masks into the mix above, for the bold among us we can definitely envision well organized groups of the NASTIEST Women ever donning these masks as a warning to all >> Do not even think of crossing us. We are not only NASTY, we can be BADASS SCARY!

Women's Face Shield Masks

Women’s Face Shields

Slightly Less Creepy Face Shields for Halloween

And finally, this last group of face shields are slightly, ok, very slightly less frightening. The featured child’s mask is suppose to be a panda. There are even matching panda face shields for mom and dad too. We think these panda masks are suppose to be cute and cuddly. Personally, we still think they are a bit creepy. Maybe if the whole family wears them with panda onesie costumes or with cutesy panda headbands then, taken together, the entire group costume could actually be family friendly, and yes, even darling (Don’t forget the sunglasses for more over-the-top cuteness!) Lightweight, Breathable Creepy Face Shield Masks

Lightweight, Breathable Slightly Less Creepy Face Shield Masks

Again, this darling panda dress and necklace is a great way to make these face shields a bit less scary.

Costy Panda Dress and Panda Necklace Halloween Costume

Cozy Panda Dress | Sliding Panda Necklace | More Cute Panda Stuff on Hot Topic

Multi-Use Face Shields

Remember if you order your face shield today, you can easily use it all year long. There are so many ways to wear face shields, not just as masks! No one will know you are wearing a creepy mask if you bunch it up. You can then wear it as a headband, ponytail or bandana. You can also wear it as a a neck gaitor, do-rag, wristband, or even as a beanie. There are so, so many ways to wear these face shields. Be sure to check out the featured video!

Plus face shields will help keep you warm in cold weather and cool on even the hottest of summer days. They actually help wick the sweat away.  With built in sun protection (SPF 40), these protective shields are perfect for almost any outdoor activity. Robbie and Sarah definitely could have used them on their dog sledding adventure. Think fishing and skiing and hiking and camping. They even keep those pesky biting bugs away.

And at the risk of repeating ourselves, we promise, year after year, you will look forward to pulling out the most terrifying mask from your collection of face shields for Halloween. Wear it as a lone menacing creep or be part of a macabre couple, or even a gaggle of ghoulish gruesome geezers. Whatever your choice, we promise your mere presence at the party will be disturbing and frightening,  and literally, nightmarish!

Dare to be Great (& Ghastly!)

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