Play Halloween Costume Ideas | Harry Styles Kangaroo Onesie

Published on October 14th, 2013 | by GreatGets


Halloween Costume Ideas | Harry Styles Kangaroo Onesie

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By Sarina

Day 14: Teen Costumes 

Calling all Directioners! The One Direction Instagram page recently uploaded a picture of a certain One Direction boy wearing a Kangaroo pajama with the caption “Guess Who??”. It turns out it was One Direction’s Harry Styles sporting the boxing kangaroo costume. In a lot of the comments and tweets, I realized that everyone wanted to know where to get a Kangaroo onesie like the one he is wearing. Well we found the exact one! Match this Kangaroo onesie with a pair of boxing gloves and you will have Harry Styles’ Silly Halloween costume look.   

Harry Styles Kangaroo Costume

Harry Styles’s Kangaroo Costume
Kangaroo Onesie Costume | Boxing Gloves

Want more of these adorable onesie costumes? They are available in all sorts of animals and characters. Check out our Kigurumi costume ideas.

Dare to be Great!

Halloween Costume Ideas | Harry Styles Kangaroo Onesie GreatGets

Summary: Looking for the kangaroo onesie costume Harry Styles was wearing? We found kangaroo Kigurumi pajamas galore at all different prices! Don't forget the boxing gloves!


Kangaroo Styles!

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