Adorable Horse Costume Ideas

Horse Costumes

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Loving these girl horse & pony costumes we found on The Riding Corner!  If your daughter is a horse lover or My Little Pony fanatic, we have found great horse costume ideas for her!  These horse costumes are too cute for words!

Remember if you like any of these horse costume ideas , buy it now!  Although there are thousands of costumes available, there are really very few cute ones!  We have learned from experience.  It never fails – as soon as we fall in love with a particular look, others do too and poof – we are out of luck.  So again, we cannot urge you enough, please buy your horse costumes early this year!

Baby Horse Costume Ideas

 Corduroy Horse Toddler Costume, Horse Costume Ideas

Corduroy Horse Costume Please note – the cute little horse bag is not included!

Toddler & Child Horse Costume Ideas

  Plush Pony Child Costume, Horse Costume Ideas  Unicorn Child Costume, Horse Costume Ideas

Plush Pony CostumeUnicorn Costume

These  horse costumes can easily be worn by all the barn girls – just assign each gal a different color t-shirt and cowboy hat!

My Little Pony Costumes

  My Little Pony Costume  My Little Pony Costume   My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie Deluxe Costume

Star SongRainbow DashPinkie Pie

We think these My Little Pony Costumes would be perfect for a group of friends trick or treating together!

Dare to be great!

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