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Halloween Costume Ideas | Cute Wear-Again Plus Size Costumes

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Day 6: Cute Plus Size Costumes

Last night I happened upon a Yahoo Answer Question seeking a cute (not scary) Halloween costume for a plus size teenage girl with a $30.00 budget.   So the search is on!  My first thought was to check if the character tank dress costumes are available in plus size and the answer is YES – not all the styles but quite a few including the Captain America, Star Wars, and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle dress.  My only issue is that with shipping the total cost comes to about $35.00 dollars so I kept looking.

Update  >> Most of the original wear-again plus size costumes dresses are now out of stock but we have substituted similar ones.  Here’s the catch – almost all break our budget – some by a few dollars, others by a lot. 🙁

My next stop was ModCloth because I know they offer a great selection of well priced plus size dresses.  Never to disappoint, I found 3 dresses that could work beautifully as the base of a costume and then can be worn again at Easter or all summer with a nice pair of neutral shoes and purse.  I have put together 3 collages to serve as inspiration.  My absolute favorite is the Morton Salt Girl costume using the Modcloth Walking by the Water Dress in Yellow. The same dress can also be used to create what we are calling a Sunflower Girl (or Daisy)  costume.

Wear-Again Plus Size Costumes 

Halloween Morton Salt Girl Costumes with Yellow Dress, Wear-Again Plus Size Costumes

Morton Salt Girl Costume | Sunflower Girl Costume
Dresses in Yellow | White Umbrella | Sunflower Headband | White Tights

Here’s another great Wear-Again Plus Size Costumes >> Create a Rose Fairy Costume with the Rose Bubbles Dress. Like the other dresses this dress is no longer available but you could easily substitute this Judy Blue Skies Dress in Ivory. Adding the wings and wand will tip you over the top.  To keep costs down you could search for less expensive fairy wings and skip the wand.

The Rose Glorious Guest Dress would create a beautiful flapper look. Warning:  The original dress we loved is no longer available.  The Glorious Guest dress is much more expensive but it is fabulous and is definitely not a throw-away costume but a dress which could hang in your closet for many years to come! It is the very definition of  Wear-Again Plus Size Costumes.

Finally there are quite a few off the rack plus size costumes  on, many of which are on clearance and priced well within the budget.

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