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Astonishing Flying Ring

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Don’t call it a Frisbee! The Aerobie Pro Ring in flight is a truly astonishing sight. It holds the current world record for thrown object at 1,333 feet! That’s over four football fields! Granted, he threw it off a cliff, but I guarantee that anyone can throw this 100 yards with ease, which is a truly unique experience. The astonishing flying ring is a fun way to get healthy.


  • Soft rubber edges for comfortable catches.
  • Bend it to adjust flight pattern.
  • Great for all ages
  • Fun for pets too!


  • You’re going to spend a LOT of time playing catch! Add this to your workout plan.

Don’t underestimate how far this ring will actually fly until you’ve thrown it. Find yourself a large field and aim clear of trees! The smaller Sprint version is the answer if you don’t want to go for extreme distance!

Dare to be Great!





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