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College Athletic Recruiting Made Easy | Athletic Scholarships

We know and understand the college admissions process fairly well and spend innumerable hours providing college admission advice to high school juniors and seniors and their families.  We love helping students learn about who they are as they construct their college essays.  We enjoy holding their hands as they narrow their list of colleges down to those where they  will most like thrive.  We do not however work with student athletes.  Early on we decided that we would refer these gifted students elsewhere since applying to an athletic program at a top university is an entirely different and much more complicated process. Over the years we have developed a list of local sources who specialize in assisting student athletes with the application process but recently we stumbled upon NCAA College Connect, a national, online source that has created a  reasonably priced (at least relative to other advisory services), streamlined approach to the college athletic recruiting process.  After consulting with dozens of college coaches, athletes and parents who have gone through the process,   they decided rather than trying to change the process, they would try to make the process easier and more user friendly by saving you hours and hours of work.

Basically, NCAA College Connect offers 3 sets of tools that will help  give you that extra little edge that will set you apart from the hundreds of thousands of other high school athletes applying for varsity athletics programs at colleges and universities across the county.   One little negative – skip the video – the guy narrating and the accompanying music is soooo annoying. If the content itself wasn’t so compelling we would have clicked away immediately.

Get Recruited for College Athletics

Researching College & University Athletic Programs

Discovery is an important part of the college admission process for all students. Finding the right school is not easy and it is very competitive to get an offer from a good varsity athletic program. That is why it is important to look beyond the usual Division  I schools and to at least be open to contacting schools where you might not only have  a better chance of acceptance but might actually thrive in their program. There are a lot of division II and division III schools which have developed excellent programs for student athletes and are not yet on everyone’s radar.  By using NCAA College Connect’s discovery tools, you can find out more schools that might be appropriate for you.

Building Your Resume

NCAA College Connect has designed a resume creating tool that allows you to produce an attractive, easy to read, interactive yet printable resume to send to coaches.  They walk you through the entire process telling you exactly what academic and athletic detail to include and  and even make it easy to upload photos and video.

Connecting, Contacting, and Communicating with the Right People

After you have created your Sports Resume, College Connect helps you to communicate directly with the decision makers, the coaches. They will help you to customize a short cover letter to be sent via email (the best way to communicate with coaches) using a simple to use template.  Ok, we admit, you can always find a free cover letter template online but where NCAA College Connect adds true value is that they have gathered the email addresses of  over 20,000 coaches and make them easily accessible in their database so you don’t have to spend hours combing through college websites searching for coaches’ contact information.  Plus, they monitor the addresses to make sure they are current.  Finally, they have also included a simple to use monitoring program so you can easily keep track of all your correspondence.

Dare to be great!

College Athletic Recruiting Made Easy | Athletic Scholarships GreatGets

Summary: Are you a high school student athlete in the throws of the college recruitment process complaining that there must be an easier way? There is! We have found a reasonably priced set of tools that help you quickly research university athletic programs, create your resume, find coach email addresses, and keep track of all your correspondence.


Easy & Effective!

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