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Fun Premium Crafted Ski Suits!

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We saw this on our Facebook feed and had to share! As much as we like Tipsy Elves ugly holiday sweaters, we are excited to have discovered their ski suits (and their ski sweaters)!

Fun Premium Crafted Ski Suits!

Fun Full-Featured Ski Suits, Fun Premium Crafted Ski Suits

Reasons why you should NOT buy a Tipsy Elves ski suit:

1. Endless high fives = hand fatigue

2. Everyone wants to buy you a shot = hangovers

3. Everyone will ask you for a photo = time is money

If none of that bothers you, then shop premium crafted ski gear and hit the slopes in style!

In addition to having some great styles, we want to make sure you are aware these are full featured ski suits. They will keep you warm! And you will look good!

Tipsy Elves Ski Suit Features, Fun Premium Crafted Ski Suits

Tipsy Elves Ski Suit Features

Fun Premium Crafted Ski Suits

Dare to be Great!

Fun Premium Crafted Ski Suits! GreatGets

Summary: This year hit the slopes in style and feel as good as you look! As practical as they are stylish, we are loving these premium crafted ski suits.


Fun Ski Suits

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