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Teen Costumes ! Looking for the perfect Halloween teen costumes ? There are so many costumes from which to choose, our friends over at highlight the cutest teen costumes for teenage girls.

Most teenage girls we know travel in packs and love coordinating their costumes.  One year all the high school girls dressed as storybook characters.  Another year they all dressed in neon.  Not sure yet what this year will bring … crayons, candy, goth, witches, goddesses, sesame street, superheroes?   Whatever they choose, I have no doubt the teen costumes will be too short and too sexy for their parents’ taste!

Click on the links or pictures of the teen costumes for details but remember, the photos below just give you the overall look. Quite often you can choose from a variety of options ranging from almost dowdy to quite sexy, so be sure to click on the “see more” links option when you visit the costume site.  Many of these costumes are specially sized just for a teen but don’t worry if they are not.  Most of the x-small or small adult costumes will fit just fine.   If they are cut a bit too low for your taste,  add a tank top underneath.  If they are too short … that’s why leggings were invented.  🙂

Best Teen Costumes

Halloween Character Favorite Teen Costumes

Bride Of Chucky Costume, Teen Costumes  The Nightmare Before Christmas Teen Costumes  Miss Scissorhands Tween Costume

Bride Of Chucky Costume | Sassy Sally | Miss Scissorhands Costume

Gothic Teen Costumes

Punk Ballerina Teen Costumes   Goth Fairy Teen Costumes    Gothic Mummy Child:Teen Costumes

Punk Ballerina Teen Costume | Goth Fairy Teen Costume | Gothic Mummy Teen Costume

Skeleton Sweetie Teen Costumes  Living Dead Teen Costumes  Twilight Trickster Tween Costumes

Skeleton Sweetie Teen Costume | Living Dead Teen Costume | Twilight Trickster Tween Costume

Witches Teen Costumes

Sorceress Teen Costumes  Charm School Witch Teen Costume   Hocus Pocus Witch Teen Costumes
Sorceress CostumeCharm School Witch Teen Costume | Hocus Pocus Witch Teen Costume

Teen Pretty Potion Witch Costume California Costumes Emerald Witch Teen Costume Wicked Purple Witch Tween Costume Witchcraft Cutie Dress

 Teen Pretty Potion Witch Costume | Emerald Witch Teen Costume Wicked Purple Witch Tween Costume | Witchcraft Cutie Dress

Hazel (Black) Adult Shoes Witch Adult Boots

Hazel (Black) Adult Shoes | Witch Adult Boots

Dark Fairies and Devils Teen Costumes

 Sexy Night Fairy Costume Dark Fairy Costume Fallen Angel Dress Costume Night Wing Bat Teen Costume

Sexy Night Fairy Costume | Dark Fairy Costume | Fallen Angel Dress Costume | Night Wing Bat Teen Costume

 Teen Tinkerhell Costume Tweens Devil Grrrl Costume Dreamgirl Hell With That Devil Costume

Teen Tinkerhell Costume | Tweens Devil Grrrl Costume | Dreamgirl Hell Devil Costume

Furr-ocious Monsters Teen Costumes

  Uggsy Monster Tween Costume Grrr Monster Tween Costume Aarg Monster Tween Costume

Uggsy Monster Costume Grrr Monster Tween Costume Aarg Monster Tween Costume

 Fur-ocious Frankie Teen Costume    Blue Beasty Teen Costume    Polka Dotty Monster Adult Costume

Fur-ocious Frankie Teen Costume | Blue Beasty Teen Costume Polka Dotty Monster Adult Costume

Monster High Group Costume Ideas

Monster High Tween Group Costume Ideas

Monster High Tween Group CostumesMore Monster High Costumes

Protect our Country Costumes

Sassy Sailor Teen Costume      Teen Fashion Police Costume    Major Trouble Teen Army Costume    Flight Dress Adult Costume

Sassy Sailor Teen Costume | Teen Fashion Police Costume | Major Trouble Teen Army Costume | Flight Dress Costume

Bugs and Animals Teen Costumes

Busy Lil' Bee (Light-Up) Teen Costume   Butterfly Queen Teen Costume   Teen Lovely Ladybug Costume   Peacock Gal Teen Costume

Busy Lil’ Bee (Light-Up) Teen Costume Butterfly Queen Teen Costume | Teen Lovely Ladybug Costume Peacock Gal Teen Costume

Teddy Bear Girl Adult Costume     Leopard Tween Costume     Black Kitty Cat Teen Costume    Teen Red Fox Costume

Teddy Bear Girl Adult Costume | Leopard Tween Costume | Black Kitty Cat Teen Costume | Teen Red Fox Costume

Teen Panda Costume   Teen Polar Bear     Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume Grey Koala Animal Costume

Teen Panda Costume | Teen Polar Bear | Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume | Grey Koala Animal Costume

Storybook Characters Teen Costumes

Lil' Miss Red Teen Costume   Tween Forest Bandit Costume   Teen Suede Lacy Pirate Costume   Tween Maid Marion Costume

Lil’ Miss Red Teen Costume Forest Bandit Costume Teen Suede Lacy Pirate Costume | Maid Marion Costume

Tween Rapunzel Costume Tween Northern Lights Fairy Costume Juniors Wizard Wanda Costume Snow White and The Huntsman Women's Costume

Rapunzel Costume Northern Lights Fairy Costume Wizard Wanda Costume | Snow White and The Huntsman Costume

Disney Princesses Teen Costumes

Classic Cinderella Dress     Snow White Teen Costume     Sleeping Beauty Aurora Costume   Enchanting Belle Adult Costume

Classic Cinderella Dress | Snow White Teen Costume | Sleeping Beauty Aurora Costume | Enchanting Belle Adult Costume

Disney Rapunzel Women's Costume   Ariel Adult Costume    Jasmine Adult Costume    Pocahontas Adult Costume

Rapunzel Women’s Costume Ariel Adult Costume | Jasmine Costume | Pocahontas Costume

Mulan Adult Costume   Tinker Bell Classic Costume   Sassy Pink Minnie Mouse Adult Costume

Mulan Costume | Tinker Bell Classic Costume | Sassy Pink Minnie Mouse

 Alice in Wonderland Teen Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costume The Cheshire Cat Tweedle Dee Dum Adult Costume Tea Party Bunny Costume

Teen Wonderland Queen Costume Wonderlands Queen of Hearts Tween Costume The Mad Hatter Teen CostumeThe Mad Hatter Tween Costume

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

 Ever After High Costumes for Tween Girls

(or anyone who can fit in a child’s size 16 or smaller)

Ever After High - Raven Queen Child Costume   

Ever After High Group Costumes with Matching Purses!

Wizard of Oz Teen Costumes

Dorothy Teen Costume Wizard Of Oz Cowardly Lion Costume Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Costume Wizard Of Oz Teen Tin Woman Costume

Dorothy Teen CostumeCowardly Lion Costume | Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Costume Tin Woman Costume

Wicked Witch of the West Dress Glinda The Good Witch Dress Wicked Witch of the East Dress Munchkin Ballerina Costume

Wicked Witch of the West DressGlinda The Good Witch DressWicked Witch of the East DressMunchkin Ballerina Costume

No Category – Just Cute Costumes for Teens

Native Sweetie Teen Costume  Sponge Bob Teen Costume   Time Out Referee Teen Costume  Teen GrecianGoddess Costume

Sweetie Teen Costume | SpongeBob Girl Teen Costume | Time Out Referee Teen Costume Grecian Goddess Costume

Star Trek Teen Costumes


Star Trek Dress in various colors and styles

Barbie Teen Costumes

Although Barbie has sometimes been accused of creating a skewed body image for young girls, on the positive side, with so many Barbie styles available, girls have learned there are no limits to what they can do with their lives.  So how do you put together a Barbie costume? All you really need is a wig.  I recently went to a Barbie party and gals dressed in just about anything you can imagine from ski bunny Barbie to NASCAR Barbie to  full out princess style Barbie.  What they all had in common was the long blonde hair (worn in pigtails, braids, and straight down, parted in the middle)

Another option is to go with cute Barbie t-shirts

Barbie T-Shirt       Barbie wig

Barbie T-Shirt Adult Barbie Long Blonde Wig – Female Wigs

Crayon Teen Costumes

Crayola Tickle Me Pink Crayon Tank Dress Adult Costume   

Crayola Dresses in lots of colors & styles 

Candy Teen Costumes

green m and m tank dress laffy taffy tank dress nerds tank dresstootsie roll tank dress

M&M Dress
 | Nerds Teen Dress | Tootsie Roll Teen Costume Twix Tank Costume

Sesame Street Teen Costumes

 Cookie Monster Costume   Big Bird Costume   Sesame Street Elmo Costume

Sesame Street – Big Bird  | Sesame Street – Elmo  | Cookie Monster  Costume

Sailor Moon Teen Costumes

Sailor Moon Adult Costume InCogneato - Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Adult Costume Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Adult Costume Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Adult Costume

Sailor Moon Costumes | More Sailor Jupiter, Sailor, Mercury & Sailor Mars

TMNT Teen Costumes

 TMNT - Raphael TMNT - Michelangelo TMNT - Leonardo TMNT - Donatello

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Tank Dresses

Superheroes and Supervillains Teen Costumes

DC Comics Supergirl Teen Costume DC Comics Batgirl Teen Costume Captain America Sassy Deluxe Adult Costume Wonder Woman Costume

Superhero Teen Costumes

Robin Corset And Tutu Costume Green Lantern Adult Super Heroine Costume Iron Man Iron Women Adult Costume The Flash Womens Costume

Robin Corset And Tutu CostumeGreen Lantern CostumeIron Women Adult CostumeThe Flash Womens Costume

Poison Ivy Adult Costume Joker Womens Costume Super Villain Riddler Costume Harley Quinn Adult Costume

Poison Ivy Adult CostumeJoker Womens CostumeSuper Villain Riddler CostumeHarley Quinn Adult Costume

Catwoman Costume Black Spiderwomen Costume Silk Sceptre Costume Gamora Deluxe Costume

Catwoman CostumeBlack Spiderwomen CostumeSilk Sceptre Costume | Gamora Deluxe Costume

Cute Chef Teen Costume

Cute Chef

Cute Chef Costume

pumpkin halloween apron  halloween_trick_or_treat_apron  trick_or_treat_monsters_halloween_aprons

Trick or Treat Monsters Halloween | Halloween Trick or Treat apron Pumpkin Halloween


For more aprons be sure to check out retro flirty aprons  You can wear them for Halloween and then continue to use them year round in the kitchen.

Graffiti Teen Costumes, Simple and Cheap!

A simple white unisex t-shirt worn either with jeans or with white shorts or sweatpants work as a simple fashion forward costume. Just take fabric markers, puffy paint or cans of fabric spray paint and “tag” the shirts with anything you like!

  Womens White Tshirt Womens White Sweatpants Soffe White Juniors Shorts  White Flare Mini Shirt

Womens White TshirtWomens White SweatpantsSoffe White Juniors ShortsWhite Flare Mini Shirt

Neon Fabric Spray Set Glow in the Dark Paint Bright Fabric Markers

Neon Fabric Spray SetGlow in the Dark Paint Bright Fabric Markers

Not into DIY? Try these graffiti party inspired t-shirts, leggings, and tie.

      Graffiti writer with spray can stencil t-shirt graffitis story design t-shirtRock Star Graffiti tie

Graffiti writer with spray can stencil | Graffitis story design | Rock Star Graffiti Tie

Graffiti Leggings

Graffiti Leggings

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black Beige Prisoner Jump Suit Orange is the New Black Orange Prisoner Jump Suit

For Piper:  Orange Scrubs,  White Crew Neck T-shirtBlack Cavas Slip On ShoesName Badge & Blond Wig

For Alex: Tan ScrubsWhite Crew Neck T-shirtWomen’s Black Work ShoesBlack Rim GlassesName Badge & Black Wig

And for large groups check out these fun ideas we found on

Orange Is The New Black Teen Costume Ideas

Loving this post dedicated to Cute Costumes for Teenage Girls Halloween Costumes  – Tunic Tank Dresses.  Here is a quick overview:

If you are into creepy and truly frightening, be sure to check out our post dedicated to Incredibly Creepy Face Shiel Halloween Masks and Costumes. Here are just a few scary clown costumes.

Creepy Clown Costumes

Creepy Clown Dress | Plus Size Creepy Clown Dress

Creepy Clown T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

Clown Tops | Pennywise Clown Tops Pennywise Creepy Clown Bottoms

Hot Topic’s exclusive Chapter Two Collection |

Incredibly Creepy Breathable Clown Masks

Pair with an Incredibly Creepy Breathable Clown Masks

For more costume ideas check out

Dare to great!

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