2016 Funny (& Not So Funny) Presidential Primary T-Shirts

2016 Presidential Primary T-Shirts

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As some of you may or may not know, Gets tend to be very, very political. Both Matt and I studied politics and worked in the White House and for a slew of congressmen & senators, so we have clear political leanings and definite opinions about how elections and campaigns should be run. But even we must admit, during this crazy, bordering on the ridiculous (and too often embarrassing), presidential primary season, sometimes we all just have to step back and laugh.

So whether you are a democrat or a republican, we have funny (and not so funny) presidential primary t-shirts for you to wear to support your own candidate as well as to bash the others. Please wear these political t-shirts in fun and remember politics should be about thoughtful debate of ideas not personal shaming and name calling.  Please leave body parts out of the discussion and while you are at it, please be respectful of one another and of all people no matter their ethnic origin, color, religion or political beliefs. Refrain from commenting on the personal appearance of everyone and anyone involved in the election process. Unless your ideas are substantive, we really do not care about the size of your hands or the attributes of your wife or your opponents wife. And please keep kids out of the fray altogether!

This is America. You have the right to free speech but please use that right responsibly and most importantly take the time to form your own knowledgeable and thoughtful political opinions. Now go vote and remember, every vote counts! (well sort of – the truth is that ultimately political parties nominate their candidates and the electoral college chooses the president.)

Funny & Not So Funny Presidential Primary T-Shirts (circa 2016)

 Republican Democrat Donald Trump Presidential Primary T-Shirts    2016 Trump The Man The Myth The Legend T-Shirt

Donald Trump T-Shirts

 Team Hillary 2016 Clinton For President  What Would Hillary Do 2016 Presidential Primary T-Shirts

Hillary Clinton T-Shirts

 2016 Ted Cruz Control America Presidential Primary T-Shirts  Ted Cruz For President 2016 T-Shirt

Ted Cruz T-Shirts

Feel The Bern Bernie Sanders T-Shirt     Tie-Dye Feel The Bern Bernie Sanders Presidential Primary T-Shirts

Bernie Sanders for President T-Shirts

We really wish we had some John Kasich shirts too since he is the only candidate not represented here and still in the race. I guess that says something about his chances of getting the Republican nomination despite the fact that he is unquestionably qualified and politically accomplished Update! if you are a Kasich supporter we finally found some Kasich for President 2020 t-shirts !

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