Men’s Pants Size Comparison Reveals Vanity Sizing

Pants Size Comparison

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Upon reading Esquire’s 2010 article featuring a pants-size comparison and the real-life truths of vanity sizing, thought they would perform a little test of their own. So they headed to the mall armed with a measuring tape, a keen scientific eye and the gratifying sense they were doing something devious. In the end, they measured the waistlines of 14 popular brands of jeans. Each pair was labeled as having a 34″ waist, but the infographic they created tells the real story –  just how how (dis)honest those labels can be. Read more at the Gentle Manual Blog.

Pants Size Comparison & Vanity Sizing
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Our Take-Away: As you are out and about buying your new Easter outfits, be sure to grab a few extra sizes to bring into the fitting rooms just in case either your actual waist size or the size indicated on the pants is not quite realistic.

Tip for buying pants online – if you are not familiar with the way a particular brand fits, buy more than one size and return the other (many companies offer  free shipping and free returns – one of our favorites is East Dane) or just stick to purchasing shirts and ties  🙂

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