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Start the New Year Organized!

By: Sarina

Begin the new year fresh and organized! If you are anything like me, your closet can get a bit disorganized throughout the year. Adding to the mess are those days when I am throwing my clothes everywhere, yelling “I absolutely have nothing to wear!”. But that mess was so last year because we found a product that will make your closet neater! It’s ModCloth’s Sleek Silhouette Scarf Organizer! Just hang your scarves through the rings and BOOM, instant space-saver! This stylish organizer fits right into your closet just like any other dress would. It is definitely a must-have! Plus as an extra little treat, we picked out some great scarfs from ModCloth, Layla Grayce and ShopBop.

scarf organizer, closet organizer

Circle Scarfs from ModCloth:

Freshen Your Fashion Scarf                  Brighten Up Plum Circle Scarf          Stage Door Indigo Circle Scarf

Freshen Your Fashion Circle Scarfs | Brighten Up Plum Circle Scarf | Stage Door Indigo Circle Scarf


Scarfs from ModCloth:

Concert Lights Lawn Scarf Driving You Wild ScarfReady to Globetrot Scarf

Concert Lights Lawn Scarf | Driving You Wild Scarf | Ready to Globetrot Scarf

Scarfs from ShopBop:

Paula Bianco Ombre Wrap Scarf       Paula Bianco Wrap Scarf      Tory Burch Madura Scarf

Paula Bianco Ombre Wrap Scarf | Paula Bianco Wrap Scarf | Tory Burch Madura Scarf

Dare to be Great! 

Start the New Year Organized! GreatGets

Summary: Begin the new year fresh and organized! Everyone's closet gets a little disorganized but this year we found a solution that will not only make your closet neater but will help you find your perfect scarf easily and quickly.


Get Organized!

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