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Published on October 9th, 2013 | by GreatGets


20% OFF Gaiam Thick & Thirsty Organic Cotton Bathroom Towels

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It is time.  It’s time to pack up all the faded, worn towels the family has used for ages and replace  them with plush, fluffy, soft new towels.  I not only want a fresh new look in the bathrooms, I am in the mood to pamper and to be pampered.  This time, as with most of my more recent home purchases, I prefer to go green and embarked on a search for high quality organic cotton, eco-friendly towels at a reasonable price. After much searching I set my eyes on the Gaiam Thick and Thirsty Towels that had received fabulous reviews but were priced a bit more than my home decorating budget could tolerate. That is until today when I received an email from Gaiam promoting 20% off their best-selling Thick & Thirsty Towels.  The sale applies to both the individual towels and the 4 piece towel set which includes a bath towel, hand towel and two washcloths. And to sweeten the deal even more, Gaiam is offering  free shipping on orders of more than $75.00 with code SM1013FS75.  Both promotions are valid through 10/26/13. 

Gaiam Bathroom Towels

Product Details

  • Tightly woven with premium long-staple 100% organic cotton
  • 800-gram-weight towels make every shower and bath a spa experience
  • Super-soft terry loops provide superior absorbency and a silky feel
  • Towels become even softer with every wash
  • Chlorine- and softener-free finishing
  • Created with low eco-impact dyes
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam

I’m still not sure which colors to choose.  I will probably go with the lava rock and cream for Robbie’s bathroom, the sea salt and pool colors for Izzy’s spa-like haven, sea and cream for my master bath, and am considering picking up a few cinnabar and lava rock hand towels to add a bit of drama to the powder room.  I am also considering getting an extra set of Mahogany towels as a holiday gift for Daniel!

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20% OFF Gaiam Thick & Thirsty Organic Cotton Bathroom Towels GreatGets

Summary: Take advantage of Gaiam's 20% off Thick & Thirsty organic cotton towel sale to replace your faded, worn bathroom towels with soft, plush and fluffy, beautiful new towels. Pamper yourself and your loved ones!


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