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Published on March 26th, 2016 | by GreatGets


Glamingo Flamingo – Magnetic Lawn Decorations with Costumes!

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Smack dab in the middle of one of  our local beach towns stands a statue of a surfer dude affectionately known as the “Cardiff Kook” because locals are constantly dressing him up.  This week Kookie paid tribute to San Diego hero Tony Gwynn but in the last few months he has donned everything from an Angry Bird outfit to lots of birthday celebration outfits to St. Patrick’s Day green.

Clearly, not everyone can have a commissioned sculpture on their front lawn but you can own your very own Glamingo!  These styled flamingo magnetic lawn & garden statues are way kitsch and too cute.  Here’s the best part, you can dress him up to celebrate holidays & special occasions.  We promise you – you will soon become the talk of the town and even if your neighbors are initially luke warm on the idea, tit will not be long until they will be driving by special to check out Glamingo’s latest costumes and decorations.  We are obsessed and can’t believe we just discovered this charming 46″ tall, adorable, festive Glamingo Flamingo, today’s Great Get!

Glamingo Flamingo – Magnetic Lawn Decorations with Costumes!

Some of our favorite flamingo costumes include the diva, western, santa, new year’s, St Patrick’s Day, party,  graduate, luau, bunny, angel, bride patriot, Valentine’s Day, biker , BBQ chef, cheerleader, and stork.

New Idea!  Use the Glamingo Flamingo costumes as a starting point.  Since your Glamingo is magnetic you can basically add a magnet to any and everything to create or enhance any look you like.

Dare to be Great!

Glamingo Flamingo – Magnetic Lawn Decorations with Costumes! GreatGets

Summary: These Glamingo Flamingo magnetic lawn decorations are way kitsch and too cute. Here's the best part, you can dress up your Glamingo to celebrate holidays & special occasions and decorate him any way you like.


Glamingo Flamingo

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