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Home Lighting Brighten Your Night

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When looking for new furniture and redecorating your home, home lighting is sometimes an afterthought. But finding the right lighting can make any space go from fine to phenomenal instantly. Lighting fixtures serve both a practical purpose and can either disappear into the background or if chosen wisely, can become a visual centerpiece of your room. If you are looking for some home lighting inspiration, the designers at Homepolish rounded up some of their favorite lighting options sure to brighten your night and light up your life.  

Home Lighting Inspiration

Depending on your decorating style, neon lights and marquis light signs can turn an ordinary hallway to extraordinary.

Homepolish neon lighting, Home Lighting Inspiration

Loving the featured chandelier that looks a lot like this Circuitry Brass Chandelier! It is the literally the cherry on top in this already great space, drawing your eye upward and making the space feel more expansive.

Homepolish living room chandelier, Home Lighting Inspiration

This 1940’s movie set inspired lamp is useful for shining light on dark areas and creates both an antique vibe and visual interest. Just about any tripod spotlight style floor lamp will yield similar results

Homepolish 1940s inspired movie set lighting, Home Lighting Inspiration

Bedside swing arm wall lamps are not only a practical bedroom essential, they serve to frame your bed and if chosen carefully can set the mood for the entire room.

Homepolish bedside lighting, Home Lighting Inspiration

Double the brilliance of any light simply by pairing it with a gorgeous mirror.

Home polish kitchen -nook chandelier and mirror, Home Lighting Inspiration

If overhead lighting is not your thing or if you are on a very tight budget, string lighting is a great alternative, sending light into areas of you room that a single bulb cannot reach.

Homepolish string lights, Home Lighting Inspiration

A fabulous multi-directional floor lamp will not only add a WOW factor but from a strictly practical perspective, in a small room it saves space and adds light everywhere.

Home polish multi-directional floor lamp, Home Lighting Inspiration

Similarly, the combo of chair, side table, and arc floor lamp can make a beautiful vignette out of any oddly empty or dark corner.

Homepolish corner reading nook with fabulous lamp

Do you love chandeliers but hate hiring electricians? Get a standing one! Light whatever room you like with fancy lit crystals whenever you want.

Homepolish standing chandelier

Dare to be Great!

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