Fabric as Wall Art

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Feature Fabric as Wall Art >> ART DECO TEXTILES at LACMA EXHIBIT: 26 July 2014 – 15 February 2015 

A few weeks ago Granny and I made a day trip up to Los Angeles to visit her grown grand babies. Neither Izzy nor Daniel was available until mid afternoon so Granny and I decided to head north early enough to give us a chance to visit LACMA, Los Angeles County’s famed Museum of Art. After grabbing a quick bite to eat at the museum’s outdoor cafe, we decided to head on over to the special Art Deco Textile Exhibit. Yes, the fabrics were stunning but it was the fabric displays that really got me thinking. I have a wall in our living room that needs a new piece of art and I now know exactly what I want >> Fabric as Wall Art . I need to first find or create my own custom fabric and then try to duplicate the roller display system used by the exhibit’s curators. You have to admit – that would be make quite the statement wall!

Fabric as Wall Art

Custom Fabric by the Yard, Fabric as Wall Art

It was not a day later, that we received an email from Elizabeth over at Zazzle wanting to make sure we knew about their fabulous new custom fabrics by the yard.  All I can say is that it seemed fortuitous.  We are now officially obsessed with Zazzle’s custom fabric by the yard.  What we like best is that you can change the entire look of the fabric by adjusting the tile size. So rather than have a small pattern which might be adorable on a dress or a pillow, you can enlarge the pattern so it looks proportionate to your wall.  Here are just a handful of the many, many custom fabric by the yard options available on Zazzle.  You can shop by pattern or theme or color or holiday or even by featured designer or you can create your own fabric. There might just be too many options.

Mid-Century Modern Atomic Teal Abstract, Fabric as Wall Art

Mid-Century Modern Atomic Teal Abstract

Hand Drawn Hibiscus Pattern, Fabric as Wall Art

Hand Drawn Hibiscus Pattern

Ethnic Pattern with Moroccan Motifs Fabric, Fabric as Wall Art

Ethnic Pattern with Moroccan Motifs


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