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Seriously Stylish Gift Books (with a Little French Flair)

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Just in case you are not yet familiar with Blurb here are a few things you should know.  First, we are obsessed with Blurb’s motto >>


Basically, Blurb is the “go to” self-publishing platform for personal book makers, authors, photographers, and business people—whoever you are you will be welcomed warmly into the Blurb family. Blurb’s independent publishing platform gives you the ability to create, publish, sell, and distribute photo books, trade books, and magazines in print and digital formats. Their goal is to simplify self-publishing for everyone. Our recommendation is first to explore the wide range of print books, magazines, and ebooks you can make with Blurb. Next, order a handful of your favorite photo books for your own library or to give as gifts. And finally, channel the inspiration to start making your own Blurb book.

Today we are featuring unique inspiration drawn from France! Get a feel for French craft, French culture, and what helps them make such beautiful things to share with the world. Get inspired this holiday season by Blurb’s favorite makers from all over the globe.

Seriously stylish gift books (with a little French flair)

Today’s Get! Now thru November 25, 2014 you can take 15% off any order (no minimum spend required) by using promo code NOV15% or take 25% off Landscape and Portrait photo books ($100 minimum spend required) with promo code NOV25%

France >> Don McLaughlin

gift books, france-don-mclaughlin

Explore the streets of France in gorgeous black-and-white art photography shot on medium format or 35mm film and printed as scans of original negatives

How Do I Look? >> Hollie Blundell

lookhow-do-i-look-hollie-blundell, gift books

A teen in your life might enjoy an A–Z guide to cutting-edge personal style.

Flawless Issue 14 >> Flawless

flawless-issue-14-flawless, gift books

A new magazine promoting aspiring and established creative artists in the industry, dedicated to bringing you the best talent the fashion world has to offer.

Alexander McQueen: Controversy >> Nikki Phennah

controversy-alexander-mcqueen, gift books

Meet a true visionary who set the fashion world alight and left it all too soon.

Explore the wide range of print books, magazines, and ebooks you can make with Blurb. Or start making your own.

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